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September Fall 2019 Weekly Deviations Schedule

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September 06, 2019
RStudio and Git: An Introduction to Version Control
Frank Saforo (LSU)
    This short tutorial seeks to equip attendees with the basic skill to integrate RStudio with GitHub (a version control platform). This presentation is in line with the broader goal of fostering collaboration among members for the various projects (Kaggle Competitions) for this semester
September 13, 2019
Machine Learning in Finance
Frank Saforo (LSU)
    During this presentation, I will first introduce an efficient programming paradigm called functional programming. This paradigm allows for fast and efficient programming when running several models (say in the 100s or 1000s). An illustrative example with large scale time series forecasting will be explored
September 20, 2019
Working with Big Data
Kevin Gunn, PhD Candidate (North Carolina State University)
    This tutorial introduces some techniques such as distributed computing for working with big data
September 27, 2019
Resampling Techniques for Robust Hypothesis Testing
Richard Opoku-Nsiah, PhD. (Senior Data Scientist, Liberty Mutual Insurance)
    In this tutorial, resampling techniques like the bootstrap, permutation tests and Markov Chain Monte Carlo are applied for large scale inference for online experiments

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